Our online studies are conducted via Zoom! Each study is scheduled as a 30-minute Zoom call and is designed to be short and engaging for your child. During the study, your child will watch videos (usually less than 5 minutes) on your computer screen while we record their face using your webcam.

At critical points in the video, we measure where your child is looking on the computer screen. This information allows us to study how children understand the events they see or how they learn new words.

After the appointment, we will offer your family a $5 Amazon.com gift card to thank you for participating.

Schedule an appointment with us!

Our lab is usually open from mid-January to early May, then again from June to July, and finally from September to early December. Please note that we are closed during university breaks and holidays.

Check out our current online study below. To book an appointment, just click the green button to use our online scheduling software. You can pick a date and time that works best for you and your family, and answer a few questions to get started.

Can toddlers and preschoolers use recent experiences to learn new words?

22-25 month olds & 3-year-olds who mostly hear English at home

  • 30-minute Zoom appointment
  • Laptop or desktop computer needed
  • Your child will first watch a learning video at home, and the next day, watch another video in the Zoom appointment to measure what they’ve learned.
Example screenshots taken from online appointments

Don’t see a study for your child?

In case you don’t see any current studies that fit your schedule or your child’s age group, don’t worry!

Simply fill out our sign-up form to give us more information about you and your child. We’re preparing for a number of exciting studies, and we’d love to keep you in the loop for future opportunities.

If you prefer to speak to someone, you can also contact us at (217) 244-6098 or by email at lalab@illinois.edu. We’re always happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.